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Following we will present Alroukn Engineering program as prepared by qualified supervisor engineers to maintain smooth and regular work progress in timely manner and in cost effective way



An international firm of architects, planners and interior designers specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Team of expert and qualified engineers as per the requirements of the project to closely supervise the works and ensure smooth progress in accordance with generally accepted industry practices.
Provide technical support through the engineers’ technical office in-situ through team of multi-disciplinary engineers.
Takeover of the site and develop grid budget include ground levels and ensure the accuracy of dimensions.


Provide work permits in writing to the contractors.
Takeover works from contractors in writing after ensure proper execution as per technical specifications.
Supervision of material lab tests that ensure the quality of works.

Al Roukn Engineering

Prepare in-situ log in record for remarks of supervisor engineers for review by contractors whom are required to take remarks into consideration in execution of the works.

Al Roukn Architecture

Prepare daily report include progress of the works and have all work-related remarks handed over on daily basis with copy thereof to the owner and the contractor.

Preparation of estimated budget for the project through calculation of material used and estimate miscellaneous costs of the project.
Contact various suppliers to be aware of the prices of materials necessary and supply materials to the site with best price and quality.

Submit/ receive projects to and from bidders, study tenders, and select the best offer in terms of price and quality with prequalification and comparing prices with market price.

Prepare work’s contracts where all disputed work items are covered through inclusive expertise in this field.
Prepare timetable for the project.
Review and approval of shop drawings submitted by contractors.